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Wednesday DE: Cooking

 What's in your character's kitchen?
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I have a headcanon/sort of actual canon that in the Star Wars universe there's a type of general food rations that are cheap, easily stored, and tolerable/nutritional for the widest range of species possible. Few really like it, but pretty much anyone can find it edible and remain healthy living mostly off of it. So it's ideal for people who spend most of their time in space, or live on inhospitable planets beyond the busiest trade routes (e.g., Rey on Jakku).

The Ghost's galley would have a lot of this, given that it's cheap and convenient and requires next to no preparation, and I can't see any of the crew being particularly interested in cooking. When it's possible and they can afford it, they'll also buy fresh food, though this can mean negotiating depending on what crewmembers prefer/are able to digest. (For example, Twi'lek tastes tend to run toward what humans would consider extremely bitter.) There's also a lot of cheap caf. Hera also has a secret stash of goodies like higher-end caf and occasionally alcohol that she digs into from time to time.
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I totally support this headcanon!
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If memory serves, there's even some canon to back it. In the AHsoka novel, a farming moon is taken over to produce a nutrient that goes into Imperial rations that makes it easier for workers to get more oxygen in zero g, and thus be more productive; which tells me that they really go for the boichem nutrients.
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Yeah, in the Rey portion of the Before the Awakening stories she finds packaged meals in an old wrecked ship, and I think I remember reading on wookieepedia about Stormtroopers drinking nutrient drinks instead of full meals. There could be a lot of variation with quality/whose tastes they're prepared for/etc.
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Having actually looked back at the story now, the packaged meal Rey found was a lot better/more flavorful than anything she'd had before, so I'd say her "portions" are probably something like the absolute cheapest packaged-food option. (The Finn story also has a Stormtrooper meal that isn't packaged but has a similar feel, "hadn't been designed for flavor as much as efficiency")
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This makes so much sense. I've used some of this and that there are different quality rations that come in lots of awful textures too.